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Looting in Entropia Universe (Beginners guide)

Figuring out which item you want to loot is half the battle...

If you want to be a profitable hunter - its important to know what to hunt for. This guide will show you which items are dropped by specific creatures.

Dont just hunt the biggest mob you can...

While it can be fun to hunt "big monsters" inside Entropia Universe, sometimes it will pay off to hunt the smaller mobs. It all comes down to which items you are after.
Big mobs usually drop items that have a good markup on a rare basis, or the items dropped by the mob are so common that you will have a hard time selling the items.

Sell to TT?

One thing to remember when selling items you have looted is that if you only sell to the trade terminal (TT) you are likely to loose money in the long run.
This is due to the fact that MindArk has to earn money operating Entropia Universe - and if you go "TT profit" on your hunts, MindArk would be out of business.
Therefore you need to sell your loot to merchants, who will pay a markup, as often as possible.

So, when should I sell to the trade terminal?
Think of it this way. If you are looting items which will sell to merchants for 104% (on stackable items) you will loose 4 PED every time you cycle 100 PED. Then its just a matter of doing the math - how often to you hunt and how much do you hunt for.
If you budget is 10-20 PED per hunt, it might take a long time before it is noticable that you are not getting that extra 4% you would have got if you sold to a merchant instead of the trade terminal (TT).
None the less, over time it will be noticable.

I always advice people to sell everything with a markup of more than 102% to merchants.
In a month I can cycle 5000-10000 PED hunting.
If I sold all my "104% markup items" to the trade terminal I would "loose" 200-400 PED each month.

Bottom line, everything and anything that can be sold (within reasonable time) to a merchant should be sold to a merchant!

What should I hunt for good markup items

Markup on items changes according to supply and demand.
You should therefore investigate which items are in short supply at the moment, figure out why it is in short supply and base your hunting according.
If a desired item is in short supply, it will be beneficial to go to this site and figure out if this particular creature is not being hunted at the moment or if the creature is simply not dropping the item currently.
Often major events inside Entropia Universe can distort the regular hunting patterns of a large portion of the hunters inside Entropia Universe. This will lead to a distorted "global" loot supply.
As a professional hunter you MUST gain on this.
Go hunt the mobs that are dropping decent markup items, but people are not hunting at the moment due to various circumstances!
Entropia Life is a good source for figuring out which items have a good markup, how often the item drops from a specific creature and if that creature is hunted a lot currently.
If you know what to hunt for - you have won half the battle!

Most of the info you will need to decide which mob to hunt can be found right here on Entropia Life. However, you will need to create a free account to gain access to the latest loot charts and creature activity charts.

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